Disrupting traditions by bringing innovations.

H2O Technologies Inc.

Company Name: H2O Technologies (Phils), Inc.
Address: Unit #1605 West Tektite Ortigas Center Pasig city
Contact No.: (632) 907-3399 , (632) 713-1363
Fax No.: (632) 713-1362
SEC Reg.#: CS200904102
Vat Reg.#: TIN#007-264-950
Line of Business: Research and Development of Green Technologies

The Corporate Officers

Mr. David Ong – Chairman of the Board
Mr. Dominic N. Chung Jr. – President
Mr. Benito Techico – V-President
Mr. Marius Aseron – Corporate Treasurer
Mr. Alexis Aseron – Administrative Director
Mr. Lamberto Armada – Corporate Secretary

The H2o lamp

a Portable Device that generates electricity from Tap Water source to generate power for small application such as LED Lamp

Portable Thermal Device

a Portable Device that generates electricity from a heat source such as burning coal, or candle flame; the device can operate LED lamp as Light, FM/AM radio & a mobile phone charger

H2O Power Cube

an Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Project for every Barangay jam packed with  features such as 9kw rated power , drinkable water supply, mobile charging station and emergency lighting source

Burning Water Technology

Thru the Process of thermolysis, a self contained device that utilizes water for various burning application such as cooking application, flaming, brazing, etc. under patent # 1/2014/000080

We envision to provide INNOVATIONS that will impact HUMANITY by utilizing TECHNOLOGY;

We are committed to finding sustainable SOLUTIONS to benefit the CLIMATE, the Region’s PEOPLE and the ECONOMY.

“We are Your Partner In Building A Cleaner & Sustainable Future.. Today!”

Solar powered E-Classroom!

bringing innovation & education to the remote rural places

H2O Salamander

First in the world , amphibious flood utility vehicle.

Salamander is the World’s First Amphibious Tricycle

which is available in two variants, Fuel powered and electric

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EGG Modern Classroom for the Far Flung Areas



Participation at the BETT ASIA 2016 @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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